Organizationally, Calvary Baptist Church is an independent body of baptized believers voluntarily affiliated with Baptists of like faith known as Southern Baptists (SBC) throughout North America. Since 1947, Calvary has maintained a ministry in the community of Los Banos and its outlying areas. Our ministry is designed to equip and encourage persons and families to a greater awareness of Jesus Christ and His teachings in Scripture. Through our missions giving, Calvary maintains an active role in national and international ministry through our local Association (Central Valley Baptist Association), our State Convention (California Southern Baptist Convention) and our National Convention (Southern Baptist Convention). We are a registered 501c non-profit religious organization in the State of California, providing facilities for persons of like-minded faith and practice. While Calvary considers all persons to be of equal value before God, we do not support or condone any moral practices and behaviors that violate the teaching of Scripture.


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