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Daniel’s story is familiar to those of us who grew up in Sunday School learning about Bible characters whom God used in unique ways to accomplish His uncommon will. While characters like Daniel are fascinating enough, the real story behind these unusual biblical figures is the unmistakable presence of a personal and engaging God. Looking at this passage, we could say that vegetables are good for the body and that some people are intellectually sharper than others. But the real story isn’t about the handsome vegetarians from Jerusalem. The story is about Daniel’s God who blesses their faith with His unavoidable presence.

The strange but dynamic presence of God in the affairs of man, what theologians refer to as “providence,” is what sets believers apart from non-believers. Providence is the dogmatic insistence that the God of Genesis is the moving force behind all of history and reality. He’s the uncreated Creator of all things. We want to examine the first chapter of Daniel underscoring 3 areas of significance that not only set these 4 men apart from the Babylonians, but sets apart all those who believe in the God of Scripture.

Sermon 1 “The Book of Daniel” Chapter 1 (Not Yet Available)

Sermon 2 “The King’s Dream” Chapter 2 (Not Yet Available)

Sermon 3 “The Good Fight of Faith” Chapter 3 (Not Yet Available)

Sermon 4 “Epiphany” Chapter 4 (Not Yet Available)

Sermon 5 “The Writing’s on the Wall” Chapter 5 (Not Yet Available)

Sermon 6 “Good Laws, Bad Men and Bad Men, Good Laws” Chapter 6 (Not Yet Available)

Sermon 7 “Daniel’s Dream” Chapter 7 (Not Yet Available)