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Biblical Evangelism in Context   $2.50

The challenge for contemporary churches is to do effective evangelism in a politically hypersensitive and culturally pluralistic world. To be both ecumenically minded and evangelically focused. Affirming the truth of other faiths, but without compromising the biblical essentials of the Christian faith. We must learn how to proclaim the gospel with integrity in a world which daily questions the veracity of our Christian motives and values. We must learn how to keep the church’s desire to grow and its prophetic mission to preach in its proper perspective. Evangelism will have integrity when it is done by Christian congregations that understand themselves to be the servants of God who are called to seek His kingdom first and His righteousness.

Changes Everything: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians   $5.25


This relatively brief letter from the Apostle Paul is far more important to Christians than its volume may signify. As the title of this study indicates, the content of Paul’s letter to the Galatians “changes everything” in the sense that following Christ is a radical departure from living without Him. However, since human nature seems to insist that one’s salvation is brought about by personal deeds that obligate God to save them, the doctrine and theology found in these pages is exceptionally important. Thus, the urgent need for Paul’s testimony of justification by faith in Christ to the Galatians.

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Jesus was Right!

About the Temple and Jerusalem  $8.50


When Jesus made His scandalous prediction about the destruction of the temple, those who heard Him—including His disciples were faced with His being either a lunatic—if his prophecy was wrong—or the Messiah—if what He said came to pass. And that in essence is the situation we face today regarding Jesus’ same sermon on the Mount of Olives. Either He was right and it occurred as He said in 70 ad, or He was wrong and it it hasn’t happened and until it does He’s really just another false prophet. Dr. Ogan says, “Jesus was Right!”

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Glossolalia: The Gift of Tongues  $6.50


For the most part, evangelical churches today maintain a relatively tolerant position regarding the contemporary practice of glossolalia. Those arguing for the biblical cessation of glossolalia, have increasingly endured the so-called private practice of the gift, even though it has no apparent basis in Scripture. Even those churches steeped in Pentecostal theology, are not necessarily encouraging its practice and often restrict its use according to Scriptural instructions.

One reason for the persistence of glossolalia, however, is what appears on the surface anyway, to be the Bible’s rather vague information regarding its original application. San Jose native, Tony Yu, whose editorial research in this area has been of tremendous resource writes, “the reason why these passages are so confusing is because we live in a world where the term ‘glossolalia’ has been redefined to mean something that God never intended for it to mean. Consequently, when we get to the passages in the Bible that talk about tongues, our understanding of these passages are colored by this subtle redefinition.” He accounts for the modern use of tongues based on misinformation, if not outright ignorance, of the biblical and historical facts of the matter.

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Revelation: The Great Enigma  $10.98


One of the most difficult portions of the New Testament to consider and discuss with any real sense of certainty is the book of Revelation. While its title in Greek means to “uncover,” or “disclose,” the book seems to be more confounding in its content than enlightening for contemporary readers. So we might ask, “How could such an elusive and complicated text come to be called Revelation?” Considering the diversity of opinions and interpretations of the book, would it be more fitting to call it The Great Enigma? Even the author himself seems perplexed at times by what he hears and sees… “Astonished” is the term he uses in Revelation 17:7. While my intent certainly isn’t to disparage the author by inferring that the book defies beneficial definition, it is to face the truth of the rather perplexing place Revelation holds in Christian literature.

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